Add distance

Find your baseline Length of Backswing

Any golfer is going to produce more clubhead speed by taking a longer backswing. Begin your distance journey by using Discovery Mode to find your average full-swing Length of Backswing measurement.

Push yourself with practice swings

A functional and unique component of deWiz is that it will provide the same swing analysis whether you are hitting a golf ball or not. This means you can capture swing data on practice swings without worrying about the result of a shot. Track your swing length with exaggerated practice swings to see how far your body is capable of swinging.

Practice with deWiz learning stimuli

Take your practice to the next level with the help of the patented deWiz Learning Stimuli. Ensure that you are successfully making a longer golf swing by setting practice goals within the deWiz app and receiving the Learning Stimuli feedback if your swing doesn’t reach that set threshold.

Swing faster

In addition to using the Length of Backswing measurement provided from deWiz, the Start-to-Impact Tempo data point also is a direct indicator of the speed of the golf swing. Maintaining a consistent backswing length and a shorter amount of time will lead to added clubhead speed.

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Vijay Singh on using deWiz for more distance

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