Where golf, science and technology meet

deWiz is developed in collaboration with pro golfers and neuro-scientists. The work has resulted in 9 granted US patents so far, and a product that is loved by professional as well as recreational golfers.

deWiz improves over time with continuous feature upgrades

deWiz is the result of over 50,000 hours of research between golf industry professionals and neuroscientists. Since our market inception in 2021, we’ve been consistently adding new features and upgrades. As a deWiz member, you received all of these enhancements free of charge, without the need to consistently purchase a new version of the device.

  • Data Insights

    Analyze your swing history like never before. See how your swing has progressed over time, throughout your bag, and compare yourself to the world's best golfers.

  • Your data at your fingertips

    Download all your swings into an excel sheet and merge with other data or import to other systems. The data is yours.

  • Session Explorer

    The Session explorer lets you see all your on-course sessions on a satellite map. See where the shot was made, data for the swing and how that stacks up against your good swings.

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Patented Feedback

Learning stimuli to accelerate swing changes

To optimize your practice deWiz has developed the patented Learning Stimuli. Grounded in neuroscience it will give a slight electric pulse when you break your preset parameters. The strength of the electric pulse is individual to each user. Not painful, but annoying enough for you to want to avoid it.

Like any repetitive motion, your brain has a unique script it recites to perform your golf swing. The deWiz Learning stimuli alerts your brain immediately when that motion goes off script. Your brain can faster modify your golf swing's script, breaking bad habits and accelerating your pace of learning

Our AI Coach tells you what to do so you know what to work on

The golf swing is a complex motion and finding what is causing a specific problem can be difficult. The deWiz AI coach will help you by analyzing the entire swing and let you know what metric that deviates the most when you miss a shot.

Tournament ready

On-course mode approved by Tour pros

The On-Course Mode allows you to collect and analyze all 14 swing metrics during a round, and compare that to your practice sessions.

What happened on your good shots? What happened when you missed a few fairways off the tee?

By entering the swing information as you go, our AI engine will be able to pinpoint exactly where your variances in swing data occurred in order for you to better and more efficiently review your round.

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